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Somersault now online!

All issues of Somersault up to the end of 2019 are now available online. Just click Somersault on the menu bar. A further year’s issues will be added at the end of each year, as agreed at the general meeting on 15 July. This was felt to be a reasonable compromise between making material readily available and avoiding loss of those members who only join to get Somersault.

Meeting Friday 20 May 2022

Members Meeting
Friday 20 May 2022  at 8 pm
Surrey Hills Neighbourhood Centre,
1 Bedford Ave,
Surrey Hills
(opposite Surrey Hills railway station).

The new Archives Search Tool will be demonstrated by David Langberg..
Graeme Henderson will present the final years of NSW Upper Quadrant signals (and other items) between Goulburn – Cootamundra NSW.