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Somersault contains articles and information about railway signalling. Its primary focus is signalling in Victoria, Australia, but it includes occasional articles about signalling in the rest of Australia and internationally.

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Issues are made available online in one-year blocks at least two years after publication. The most recent year available is

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The articles are a mixture of historical and current descriptions of locations, signalling equipment, and signalling practices. A detailed list of signalling changes from the Weekly Notices is included in each issue providing a valuable resource for railway historians.

The magazine is published six times per year in February, March, May, July, September, and November as a hardcopy emailed to members. Issues from 1978 until 2019 were made available online during July 2022.  Issues for one further year will be added each January.

All issues published online are in PDF format. Up to Volume 21 (1998) they are scanned images of the original paper copies that have been processed using character recognition software to make them searchable. The scan quality varies and can impact the search results. Commencing with Volume 22 (1999) the PDFs have been directly generated from the original source files.

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For everyone interested in Victorian railway signalling.